Building a New Vision: Introducing Alphaline’s New Look Logo

And to celebrate, we’re offering you the chance to receive a complimentary accommodation voucher

Why we’ve updated our logo

For over 5 years, Alphaline Homes have helped countless homeowners plan, design and construct custom houses they could only ever dream of.

During this time, home trends have come and gone. Our talented team has kept up to date with every new design evolution to ensure that our clients enjoy living in beautiful modern homes with all the latest features and amenities.

Something that hasn’t changed is our logo. So to better reflect our commitment to delivering luxury homes created with the highest possible attention to detail, we decided it was time we gave our branding a bit of a refresh. 


Before and after


We feel that our new logo much better represents our standing as a leading boutique home builder specialising in luxurious custom houses which always stand apart from every other home on the block. 

As you may have noticed, we’ve also completely revamped our website to complement the elegant lines of our logo and encapsulate our promise of Dream It. Build It.  

To see for yourself the level of quality and luxury you can expect from Alphaline, click here to browse our gallery of completed custom homes. Every home we build is designed with practical living in mind and to suit the lifestyle of each individual owner.



To celebrate the unveiling of our new-look logo, Alphaline Homes is offering you the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday of your choosing. 

The first 20 customers to pay an initial deposit on a new home build will receive a complimentary accommodation voucher, valid for up to 4 nights. 

Click here to learn more and to express your interest


We’re here to make your new home build journey a memorable one for all the right reasons

If you’re looking for an experienced custom home builder, take the time to talk to Alphaline Homes.

We’re happy to offer you a no obligation 90-minute DNA (Design Needs Analysis) consultation with our design team.

During this consultation, we’ll go over all your design needs and requirements with our targeted list of 180 questions. These questions will help uncover any hidden needs and will ensure that your home design meets not only your needs for today, but for the years to come. 

Click here to book your DNA Consult today.

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